How to actually communicate with team parents

4 practical tips

How to actually communicate with team parents

338,000 coaches and 1.8 million team parents have passed through our app so far. We asked for their top team communication tips.

Here's 4 tips to actually communicate with parents so you're the coach who's never in a bad mood.

  1. The 24 hour rule
  2. Get their signatures
  3. Overcommunicate
  4. One app for all communication

#1 The 24 hour rule

If parents have an issue, they must wait 24 hours after a game or tournament to talk to you. That's the rule.

"I've NEVER had a productive conversation with parents immediately following a game," says Keeley Byrnes.

"I'm exhausted and usually questioning things I've done. I need that 24 hours to wind down and get perspective."

Coaches are exhausted. Parents are emotional. 24 hours helps cooler heads prevail.

The rule works. Steal it.

#2 Get their signatures

Every parent must agree to a Parent Expectations Contract before the season starts.

Make it clear. Make them sign it. Enforce these expectations.

You'll all be better off for it.

Here's an example of parent expectations:

On gameday...
• No sideline coaching
• No coming to the dugout
• Positive communication only
• Wait 24 hours before contacting the coach

#3 Overcommunicate

Steps 1 & 2 dramatically reduce the amount of in-season communication required.

But always share more not less. Here's Erik Ramirez's take:

"I over communicate. Just to the edge of being annoying. It's been a good strategy so far."

Steal that too.

#4 One app for all team communication

What's left to communicate?

  • Player availability
  • Team schedules & information
  • Swapping photos & videos securely
  • Designated channel for parent questions/concerns

Do all this in one place.

That's why we created Heja, and why 338,000 coaches and 1.8 million parents use the app.

That's a wrap!

If you execute these steps consistently, parents will love you and you'll suffer less bad moods this season!

And every player benefits when Coach is in a good mood. ✌️