About us

We launched Coach by Heja to provide content that truly represents the unsung heroes of youth sports: You, the volunteer coaches and managers.

The busy men and women giving up weeknights, weekends, and parts of your sanity to organize training sessions, games and activities just so your children and others' can enjoy access to the massive, lifelong benefits of being part of a safe and rewarding youth sports team.

Benefits like helping children make lifelong friends, build foundations for healthy lifestyles, and even get better results in school. None of which are possible without the youth sports coach, who takes on the additional roles of community leader, teacher, mentor and guardian (not to mention taxi driver, equipment manager, bookkeeper and laundry worker).

Volunteer coaches are often just parents who are learning how to coach on the job. If that's the position you're in, the content you'll find here on Coach by Heja is made for you. We see a gap in coaching resources available online today, which is often targeted at professional coaching, instead of volunteer parent-coaching, which can sometimes seem like two completely different worlds.

On Coach by Heja you'll find guides with tips and tricks, useful resources like coaching templates and printables, and knowledge-sharing articles written by fellow coaches who want to pass on what they've learned and how they juggle their roles.

If you've got something to share, we welcome your contributions too.

Coach by Heja is here to help you on your volunteer youth sports coaching journey. If you want to get in touch with us, shoot our editor Laurie an email at laurie.bell@heja.io. He's a soccer player and a coach, and he'll be happy to hear from you.

- The Heja Team

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